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Prancha NMD

Prancha NMD
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Preço: 129,00€ 109,65€
Disponibilidade: Em Stock
Modelo: 360 Contour PE HD
Fabricante: NMD Bodyboarding
Classificação média: Sem Classificação

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The 360 is a high spec PE-HD board dialled in for small to medium surf. The template is prone specific with enough volume in the nose to support the shoulders and a smooth curve through the wide-point, transitioning to the tail for down the line speed. The Traxion contour improves backhand grip and the single EXT™ Stringer delivers a spring-loaded spine for more pop.

  • Colour: Yellow Deck // Orange Slick 
  • Core: Ethafoam™ PE 
  • Deck: 8lb IXL PE
  • Slick: WaveSlick HD
  • Tail: Rolled Crescent

More Info:

Traxion™ Deck Contour - 1x EXT™ Stringer - Graduated Channels - Bull Grips - XFL Nose & Tail Armour - CNC Shaped - Buzz-Tech Lamination



Flex is essential to high-performance bodyboarding, but a board with too much flex can bog and push water. Too stiff and you’ll find it hard to turn. Consider the water temps you typically surf, combined with your personal flex preference, for the perfect ride.



Straight templates are typified by a wider nose width and a shorter rail line, perfect for those with a need for speed. Curved templates have a drawn in nose and turn on a dime.



When the mercury drops, your board becomes stiffer. Vice versa, when things heat up your board gains flex. Look for a stiffer board in tropical conditions and a softer flex for the cold.

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